What Kind Of Heels Should You Wear To A Heels Class?

(Last Updated On: March 18, 2021)

If you’re buying a pair of women’s shoes, you’ll want to make sure you have the right pair for the job. The style of a heel impacts how well it fits, how comfortable it is, and how long you will wear it until it becomes uncomfortable. As you would assume, the higher the heel, the more likely it is to make your feet sore by the end of the day; however, choosing a shoe with a platform in the front can prevent the heel height from affecting your feet too quickly.

Sneaker Wedge Or Chunky Battle Heel

This shoe is suitable for those who are new to wearing novas heels. This shoe has a powerful platform for standing on, as well as entire foot and ankle support. Your body will get a workout thanks to the wedge or chunky heel, but you’ll always feel like you’re wearing flats.


This shoe is excellent for women who love the idea of wearing heels all day but taking them to work in a bag. Like the Chunky fighting heel, the booties have both foot and ankle protection. There are several different booties types, so if you choose one with a front platform, make sure it does not round at the toe. You will fall forward as a result of this. Booties are available in a variety of sizes and heel heights. Booties with no platform and a 2-3 inch skinny heel, in my opinion, are ideal for beginners.

 Mary Jane

You can experiment with the elements of a pump without having to think about kicking off a shoe with this shoe. You can adjust the heel thickness just like the bootie, except this shoe has a smoother line and offers a little less protection. This is an excellent transitional heel—whether you’re aiming for a higher, thinner heel or a pump, this shoe will help you get there.

Heel Block

As the name implies, a block heel is a heel that is much chunkier than a stiletto. This summer, the designs that became common on the high street are a cross between hippy platforms from the 1970s and chunky shoes from the 1990s. The trend seems to be here to stay, as it provides a more practical heel for daily wear. Block heels are much more comfortable than standard stilettos because they have more protection and an even distribution of weight. You’ll find a block heel to fit your style, ranging from a low square heel on a flat shoe to a fashionable cylindrical heel.

They Are Expected To Be Comfortable

I see a lot of ladies who can’t walk in class because they’re wearing beautiful heels. You’ll have to sit in your class for at least an hour, so make sure you’re relaxed. You may not only be in pain, but you can also become overwhelmed and unable to follow the moves!

Select A Height Based On Your Previous Dancing Experience

To begin, a two-inch heel will suffice. Gradually increase your height as your ability increases. If you’re a more sophisticated consumer, a 2.7–3.9 inch screen will suffice.



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