Guide To Buying Dance Shoes

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2021)

Is it necessary for me to wear dance shoes?

Yes, in a nutshell. While beginners can get by with leather-soled shoes for the first few lessons, dance shoes are required to dance easily, comfortably, and correctly. A suede sole on ballroom dance shoes makes it easy to step, turn, and feel the floor. When you wear proper dance shoes, you are also less likely to hurt your partner.

Ballroom dance shoes are expensive, but they can last 5 to 10 years and are the only equipment needed to participate in this enjoyable hobby. Golfers need expensive clubs, golf carts, and club memberships, while dancers only require shoes and a dance floor.

What Does a Pair of Dance Shoes Cost?

A good-quality beginner dance shoe will set you back around $90. Many models are available online for about $30 for those looking to save money on their first pair of dance shoes. Professional quality, embellished designs, and high fashion pairs command higher prices. Remember that you only need one pair of shoes, and they will last for years. If you like, you can even get them resolved.

How to Take Care of Your Dance Shoes?

Outside of the ballroom, wearing your dance shoes will harm the suede sole; thus, wear your street shoes to class and carry your dance shoes to change in the studio. The majority of dancers use a shoe case, which is often included with the purchase of their shoes.

Which Shoe Should I Purchase?

The majority of students begin by wearing a simple, all-purpose social dance shoe. This may be a strappy high-heeled Latin shoe or a rugged, comfortable practice shoe. It’s just a matter of personal opinion. High heels are not expected, and low or flat heels are available in a variety of styles. If you plan to perform, you’ll need the appropriate shoes for each type of dance, but for now, any suede-soled shoe you want will suffice.


Many dance shoes are made in other countries (often England and Italy). As a result, make sure you convert your American size if necessary. Your dance shoes should fit like a glove in terms of fit. You don’t want your dance shoes to pinch or feel too close, but you also don’t want too much space for your foot to wander around. When you wear your leather dance shoes, they will stretch and loosen slightly.

Is it better to have an open or closed-toe?

Classic ‘Latin’ shoes are open-toed, but closed-toe ballroom shoes are also available and will suffice. From tiny peep-toes to T-bars to very strappy affairs, there are a variety of open-toe choices. They design all dance shoes to hold your foot in place, and since labels and quality differ, no one style is better than the others. If you’re concerned about fit, look for models with buckles around the toe, flexible and suitable for both wide and narrow feet.

Which brand to choose from?

Don’t force yourself to decide! Please take a look at my numerous reviews to get a sense of what’s out there. Check out my most recent posts on best shoes for hip hop.



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