Best Shoes For Heels Dance Class 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

The quality of the heel you wear cannot be overstated. It has a significant impact on your results. It can be pleasant to enter a heel’s dance class. It would be hard to pick the right heels dance shoes before attending a lesson. If you’ve found the right shoe, you’ll feel more confident and safe, no matter what level of dance you’re at. In this post, you’ll learn about the best heels dance class shoes and what factors to consider before purchasing heels dance class shoes. It’s all about having fun and feeling your best in heels class, so don’t let a wrong pair of shoes ruin your dance experience. Let’s have a look at the Best Shoes For Heels Dance Class below.

Best Shoes For Heels Dance Class (Comparison)

Shoes Material  
Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap Leather

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Bloch Splitflex S0390L Leather

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Very Fine 2707 Shoes Synthetic

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Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap

Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap

Capezio launches the Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap Dance Shoe, a household name in the world of dance. These best dancing shoes are incredibly comfortable on the feet and allow dancers to move freely. It is constructed with a leather balance sole and a leather knuckle. The slightly tapered toe box, microfiber lining, Achilles notch, foam-padded footbed, and folded edges distinguish this Capezio shoe with its closed-toe and sides. It’s a plain but elegantly styled shoe that gets a lot of attention everywhere it’s worn. This shoe is recommended for all dancers looking for maximum comfort during their next dance session. The FootLight features a supple upper with sleek, clean lines and a supportive ‘arch cookie for added comfort. The Achilles notch prevents heel dig-in when you point, and the securely attached heel undergoes stringent stress testing. It’s no surprise that top entertainers favour Capezio character shoes.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Non-slip Heel Colour Options Are Limited
Unrivalled Durability



Bloch Splitflex S0390L

Bloch Splitflex S0390L

The Bloch Splitflex S0390L is a cute character shoe with a clean cut. The Splitflex has a shorter shank with an elasticized panel underfoot to improve your pointe in a T-strap silhouette. The internal stabilizer and cushioned insole support the heel without losing flexibility. This flexible shoe provides the dancer with a long line and complete articulation of movement, and a sense of support and comfort. An internal shank stabilizer strengthens the heel without sacrificing the shoe’s versatility. The Splitflex T-Strap character shoe has a 2.5′′ contoured heel and premium quality leather top and lining. The Suede outsole provides strong traction while allowing for turning and slipping. Ballroom, Cabaret, and stage shows can all benefit from a lovely character shoe. This women’s split flex shoe was created to provide flexibility on the dance floor or in your theatrical production. The top of the shoe is made of leather, and the inner lining is made of leather. It has an elastic strap that runs up the front of the foot and around the ankle to help keep the shoe in place during your performance. Synthetic materials were used to build the outer sole. Suede has been used in the foreground of the sole to enable the dancer to turn quickly while still maintaining some grip, ensuring that they do not slip or fall. It is suggested that you order this shoe. 05 size bigger than you would usually buy for your everyday shoes. This shoe comes in two colours: tan and black. This flex strap has a dressier appearance and is well worth the money for all of the benefits it provides to the wearer.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Non-slip & Flexible Outer Sole Stability Issues For Some Beginner Individuals
Leather-lined & Padded Interior Provides Comfort



Very Fine 2707 Shoes

Very Fine 2707 Shoes

It’s time to discover Fine Dance Shoes, one of the world’s most prestigious ballroom dance shoes. Very Fine 2707 Heels has a leather sole and features elements that make it perfect for bachata, salsa, and several other dance steps. Its exterior is made entirely of satin for a silky smoothness that makes all your turns and twirls effortless and pleasurable. This boot is made of premium leather and features a self-locking buckle and padded insole. It’s built to last for all of your dancing hours, regardless of the sort of dance floor you’re on. These dance shoes have a suede sole that provides both protection and stability to your feet as you step, allowing for a more excellent range of motion. We recommend these ballroom shoes to all-female dancers because they are comfortable wearing for long periods and look fantastic from afar.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Non-slip Heel Comparatively Expensive
Accurate In Scale



Factors To Remember While Shopping For The Right Heels Dance Shoes

There are many things to consider if you want to enjoy your heels lesson. These are the main factors to consider:

A Certain Height

If the heel is higher, dancing would be more challenging. It is recommended that you begin with something less complicated and work your way up. Start with a two-inch heel and gradually increase to four- to five-inch heels as you gain confidence. Never pick a shoe with a thick platform in the bottom. You’d like to feel the ground under your feet. Heels with a thin platform are recommended for dancers to better dance and spread their weight.

Measurement Of Thickness

Stiletto heels are the perfect shoes for a heels class in terms of thickness. It is recommended that new dancers try shoes with thicker heels. High heels with a comprehensive platform would make the dancers’ lives simpler and more comfortable. Because of the thicker heels, dancers would have more help. Stiletto heels for heels lessons are suitable for advanced dancers.


Laces are used on some of the best heels for heels class. Your shoes will stretch and change shape throughout the dance, so laces will come into play to help you adjust the tightness. Over time, shoes will stretch out and become loose. If your laces wear out at any stage, you can replace them to give your shoes a fresh new look.


Ankle protection is crucial in the right shoes for heels dance class. In dance shoes, your foot and ankle must feel safe. If you wear a flimsy shoe, you risk twisting your foot, which is the worst-case scenario. Shoes that come up to your ankle and are close around the ankle are recommended. Often look for laces, sturdy material around the top of the foot, and zippers when purchasing dancing heels for heels class. Heels class is the most empowering dance class, so go into it prepared and ready to have a good time.


Choosing The Best Heels For Heels Class Will Assist You In:

  • You would not hurt yourself.
  • It will significantly reduce the likelihood of pain.
  • You will be able to enjoy the heels class without fear of tripping.
  • You’ll still look great. That’s awesome.
  • Your body will be better coordinated and helped if you wear the right shoes.
  • You’ll be able to execute the kickass moves you learned in your heels dance class with ease.


Three Tips For Choosing The Right Shoes For A Dance Class With Heels

Remember that these tips are the perfect shoe guide for having fun in your heels dance class.

Comfort And Stability Are Crucial Things To Consider

Try on the heels you’ve picked to see if they match. Make sure that its not too loose or tight. You will know right away if the shoes are comfortable. Walk around the house in your dance shoes. Are you able to walk without stumbling and with your feet supported? If so, that’s awesome.

You should be able to feel the ground under your feet. It must be safe from all sides for stable shoes. Your shoe must not fly when you do a slight kick. It’s not appropriate to start wearing dancing heels right away in your first lesson, but you can give it a shot once you’ve gotten used to them.

Start With Low Heels

It is preferable to wear 2-inch high heel boots as a novice. At first, stop wearing sandals or open-toe pumps. Regardless of your ability, a maximum of 3-inch high heels are recommended. Why is it crucial to begin slowly? The first consideration is your protection. The physical reasons are the second element to remember. Wearing heels will alter your body’s natural alignment and location as you walk. When you begin to dance, different muscle groups will be triggered. It is preferable to keep items as small as possible due to this drastic physical change. Allow time for the body to adapt.

Bring Any Backup Plans In Case You Need Them

You may think that this shoe is perfect for dance class because it looks so good. However, this does not always indicate that it is acceptable for a heels class. Instead of injuring yourself, your goal is to practise heels dancing and have some fun. And if you’re wearing your designer shoes, you’re not going to enjoy your dance lesson. So, if you’re not sure which shoes are better for heels dance class, bring some extra choices out and ask your instructor which one is best.

Warm-ups and other aspects of the class can be performed in standard shoes such as flats, jazz boots, or sneakers. As a result, students attending heels should wear casual clothing such as leggings, tank tops, T-shirts, and shorts.


Final Thoughts

As previously mentioned, a heels dance class can be enjoyable, so make sure you have dressed appropriately for the occasion. The information provided above will assist you in selecting the right heels for your dance class. When looking for the right shoes, consider all of the factors. This will help you in remaining healthy and enjoying your dance class.



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