Best Dance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that affects the soles of the feet. Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation of the tendons in your heel that takes a long time to heal. It is often caused by wearing unsupportive shoes or overuse. In 2021, Plantar Fasciitis may be the most common source of pain and discomfort in the feet’ soles. The majority of people discover they have Plantar Fasciitis when they begin to feel morning heel pain. They usually feel a sharp stabbing pain in the heel when they first get out of bed in the morning or a dull, achy pain that radiates from the heels down the feet’ bottoms. Occasionally, only one foot is affected, but most of the time, both feet are affected to different degrees. It can be difficult to stand and walk without any pain and discomfort at first, but the foot pain may lessen as the morning progresses. Shoes that match well and protect the feet are the best for Plantar Fasciitis. It’s that easy. Since everyone’s feet are different, you’ll need to find everyday shoes, sports shoes, sandals, or work boots with just the right amount of cushioning and arch support. We have listed some of the Best Dance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis below do check them out as well.

Find a nearby shoe shop that provides old-fashioned service, according to our expert advice. They’ll be able to measure your feet professionally, much as your parents made the shoe salesmen do when you were a kid getting fitted for shoes. It’s critical to take accurate measurements of both of your feet to assess their length, width, and, most importantly, arch. Plantar Fasciitis can be made worse by wearing shoes that are too tight. In the meantime, both Drs. Bergin and Dunn suggest searching for shoes that have the following characteristics:

  • Arch support is sufficient.
  • The midsole is strong but versatile.
  • A removable insole is recommended if you’re wearing plantar fasciitis insoles.
  • In the forefoot, there is cushioning.

We rounded up the top picks to help you find the right shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Best Dance Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis (Comparison)

Shoes Material  
Capezio DS24 Rock It Suede/Nylex Mesh

Check Price

Bloch Boost S0538L Canvas

Check Price

Capezio DS11 Fierce Leather/Mesh

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Capezio DS24 Rock It

Capezio DS24 Rock It

For dancing, many dancers choose split sole shoes. This pair of sneakers is an excellent example of split sole dance shoes. Although coming from Capezio, a renowned dancewear maker, you wouldn’t expect anything less. They were able to make them strong and supportive while remaining lightweight in some way. Another right touch is a perforated arch for ventilation.

The fact that Capezio DS24 Rock It shoes have a non-marking rubber sole is something we like about them. Everyone enjoys dancing and working out, but one thing we can all agree on is that scuff marks are incredibly distracting, an issue that these shoes effectively fix. The Capezio Dance Sneakers even have a perforated arch for ventilation, which you can appreciate. It’s no fun dancing with wet, sweaty feet because it’s unpleasant, smelly, and can lead to blisters, but you won’t have those issues if you wear these shoes. The padded EVA midsole, which offers a smooth surface to dance on while still absorbing impact, adds to the comfort factor.

These shoes have padded Achilles to keep your Achilles tendons secure and comfortable, which is perfect for Zumba dance, which requires a lot of movement, making them an excellent choice for Zumba. To prevent them from digging into your ankles, they have a padded tongue and collar. Furthermore, the superb lacing device offers enhanced assistance as well as a secure fit. Even better, these shoes come with enough padding, cushioning, and arch support to make you feel as though you’re walking on clouds. Another great feature of these shoes is that they have a flat boxed toe, which allows you to quickly make toe stands, an essential aspect of Zumba dancing. Last but not least, these shoes have a straightforward but elegant style that goes with almost any outfit.

Money Well Spent

When it comes to the price of these shoes and the value you get for your money, you can’t complain about paying around $70. When you consider the added protection, breathability, comfort, and elegant style of these dance shoes, it’s a pretty good deal.

Create High-Quality Products

The construction standard of these shoes is nothing to sneeze at. They’re some pretty tough shoes with a non-marking heel, sturdy fabrics, and plenty of support and cushioning, all of which contribute to these Zumba shoes’ overall quality.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Breathable It's A Little Tight
Excellent Arch Support
Split Sole Allows For Fast Pivoting & Turning



Bloch Boost S0538L

Bloch Boost S0538L

Professional hip-hop dancers would love this sneaker because of its high quality and distinctive style, making it simple to perform smooth moves and spins. The split sole’s use of dynamic resistance technology aids in shock absorption and gives support to the feet thanks to the cushioned heel. You can get the best help and fit for your arch because of the lace style, whether you have narrow or broad feet. Not to worry, the Dri-Lex lining used in its production ensures that it is breathable, wrinkle-free, and resistant to mildew and odor. Bloch’s Boost S0538L Dance Sneakers for Women are made of a high-quality breathable material that prevents feet from sweating during active moments, ensuring dry comfort during your workout. The ventilated upper portion allows air to circulate and keeps the shoe at the correct temperature. Whatever you do, the comfortable lace-up system ensures a safe and snug fit. These sneakers are highly versatile because of the unique sole structure, making them ideal for Zumba dancing. The molded EVA footbed provides soft comfort and protection.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Lightweight & Low Profile None That We Could Find
Comfortable Grip
Comfortable To Use For Extended Periods



Capezio DS11 Fierce

Capezio DS11 Fierce

Since it is sturdy and comfortable to wear, the Capezio DS11 Fierce is the perfect shoe for Zumba lessons. The Nylex mesh made of foam rubber is sturdy and breathable thanks to the imitation suede upper and PU Nubuck. The outsole is made of non-marking PU with proprietary flex points built into the trainers. These foot gears are well-ventilated thanks to the perforated arch. They’re the best shoes for dancing because they allow your feet to move freely and breathe easily. These Zumba workout shoes are light and comfortable, thanks to the boxed sole, padded linings, and contoured EVA footbed. This lightweight and flat model protects the ankles from jiving-related injuries. They’re entirely handcrafted and imported, and they’re available in a variety of colors.

The arch support is instrumental, and it also includes an Achilles notch for added comfort. Capezio DS11 Fierce Dansneaker shoes are incredibly beneficial to dancers, particularly those who enjoy sharp turns in a dance workout. Padded linings and a non-marking outsole ensure that your every dance move is safe. Capezio, like Bloch, specializes in creating dance-specific footwear. You’ll love these Capezio Dansneakers whether you’re a regular dancer or just like the look. Like Bloch’s dance sneaker, this shoe has an outsole that lines the ball and heel of the foot but skips the arch. The PU outsole has built-in flex points and does not leave a mark on the concrete. I like how flexible these shoes are, as well as how stable they are. As a dancer, I value every opportunity for articulation through the feet. For a comfortable, clean build with ventilation, the upper is made of synthetic leather and a tech-mesh upper. There’s plenty of space in the toe box, and there’s even a flat, boxed toe for toe stands. Just be cautious if you begin to believe you’re Michael Jackson. Toe stands are not recommended for people with poor feet. The interior of the shoe is well cushioned with padding. To get the best Zumba experience, you’ll need well-fitting dance shoes, so make sure you find the right match. When you do, the Zumba experience will improve tenfold.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Split Sole For Articulation & Versatility Not The Best Option For Flat Feet
Toe Box/Toe Stands Are Spacious
Padding All Around For Protection & To Avoid "Zumba Knee."



Plantar Fasciitis Causes That Have Been Proven

Plantar Fasciitis can be caused by the following factors, according to research.

  • The process of aging
  • Activities of a High Intensity
  • Obesity
  • Genetics
  • Supinating
  • Hard flooring

The Process Of Aging

Degenerative changes in our bodies are inevitable as we get older. Between the ages of 45 and 65, the Fascia’s elasticity decreases significantly, affecting its shock absorption capabilities. The Fascia becomes more flexible and susceptible to injuries such as rips and micro-tears due to this decrease. Plantar Fasciitis affects older athletes much more than younger athletes, with sharp stabbing pains in the heels being the most common symptom.

Activities Of A High Intensity

Plantar Fasciitis may be caused by beginning a strenuous exercise that causes increased pounding pressure on the feet, such as running on pavement, military activities, aerobic gym classes, or even Irish dancing. The explanation for this is that the Fascia band hasn’t had enough time to adapt to the new stress. Pain and inflammation can develop as a result of the overuse of any untrained muscle in the body.


Overweight people are 1.4 times more likely to suffer from Fascia pain. This is because the Plantar Region supports your whole body weight as you go about your day.

Obesity puts more weight and pressure on the Fascia band, setting the Plantar area under a lot of strain. The Fascia stretches to its maximum length under all of the body’s weight and gradually develops tiny rips and micro-tears. Since the Fascia has been compromised and impaired, pain sets in.


Plantar Fasciitis is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Muscle Contractions are genetically predisposed in certain people due to inherited genes. A contraction occurs as tendons and muscles, such as the Fascia Band, shorten and harden. The band’s elasticity is lost as it retracts and sets, making accidents more likely.


Supinators are people who walk with their feet flat on their feet. Plantar Fasciitis is more common in them than in people with higher arches. When you have flat feet, the fascia bands are wholly stretched and lack the elasticity to bounce back and cushion your movements. Any additional burden placed on this vital area will have an immediate impact.

Hard Flooring

A connection has been discovered between Plantar Fasciitis and long periods of standing at work. This activity can either initiate or exacerbate the pain and discomfort experienced by the Fascia Tissue. Restaurant and factory workers who spend their days walking on hard floors or standing on hard concrete floors are particularly vulnerable.

Plantar Fasciitis

An over-stretched fascia may be as achy as any other over-extended ligament in the body. When a rubber band is stretched to its maximum, it develops micro-tears, much like the Plantar Fascia band. Micro-tears and rips can occur, causing a great deal of pain and inflammation.



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