Best Ballet Shoes For Adults 2022

(Last Updated On: April 4, 2022)

If you’re a professional ballerina or enjoy dancing ballet, you’ll need the right ballet shoe to keep your feet healthy. Classic ballet shoes, also known as ballet slippers, are lightweight and have fully flat soles, allowing for full motion and comfort when dancing. Ballet shoes are made specifically for ballet. Most ballerinas prefer small, lightweight ballet slippers because they allow for free movement and ensure the dancer’s protection. On the other hand, most slippers have minimal ankle cover and support, rendering them unsuitable for daily use. With recent technological advances, the design and production of dance slippers have evolved, resulting in slippers that provide more generous support, comfort, and durability (along with a larger number of slippers to choose from!).

It should be relatively simple to pick the right dance shoe for your needs. However, with so many choices now open, the decision isn’t as straightforward as “just a ballet shoe.” With technological advances, the production and design of dance shoes have advanced as well, resulting in shoes that offer greater comfort, support, and durability (as well as a more extensive selection of shoes to choose from!). The specifications you’ll need from your dance shoes will vary depending on where you are on your dance journey. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve broken down the features and benefits of some of Best Ballet Shoes For Adults, ensuring you have all the details you need to choose the best choice for your potential dancing endeavors.

Best Ballet Shoes For Adults (Comparison)

Shoes Material  
Lucky Brand Emmie Leather

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Bloch Pulse S0470L Leather/Neoprene Stretch Satin

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Capezio Hanami 2037W Canvas

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Lucky Brand Emmie

Lucky Brand Emmie

Lucky Brand Emmie Ballet Flats are trendy, comfortable, and come in a range of colors. The upper is made of fabric, and the sole is made of synthetic material. This combination results in a lightweight shoe with improved breathability. They match perfectly, and the variety of sizes available ensures that everyone can find the right size. We may wear a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a dress. For any budget, leather pumps are a good option. One of the best qualities of this model is that it comes in substantial foot sizes.

The Lucky Brand flats are among best-selling flats. They’re not only adorable, but they’re also available in 33 different colors and designs. You can also choose from models with silk, fabric, or leather uppers. They’re delicate flats for work and home, but if you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods, we recommend investing in more supportive apartments.

What Makes Them Feel At Ease?

The Lucky Emmie Flats are made to stretch and fit like a glove on your foot. That means they can be a little tight for the first few days, but stick with them to get real comfort.

The Emmie Ballet Flats are too cushioned, have a memory foam insole, and never give us sore heels or blisters. We adore our Lucky flats! They’re pretty adorable, super comfy, and super affordable. They’re cute and comfortable flats for work and travel, but if you’re going to be standing or walking for a long time, they’re not the best option.

Durable & Breathable

The Emmie Ballet Flat shoe has a thin, flexible, and sturdy synthetic sole. These characteristics make it an excellent casual option for the entire day. Because of the lightness and versatility, the feet will not be tired at the end of the day. This type of sole is exceptionally long-lasting. The fabric upper improves your feet’ breathability and comfort. Your feet will not sweat, even though it is hot or humid outside. The material often hugs your feet comfortably without placing pressure on the veins and tissues of your feet.

The Best Fit

To ensure the best fit, the upper has a stretch topline finish. These flats are comfortable to wear because of the finish, which is neither too tight nor too loose. They were created with comfort and ease of dressing in mind by Lucky Brand. Unlike straps that can often feel too heavy. The shoes have a 2.25-inch (5.7-centimeter) shaft that runs from the arch to the toes. That’s long enough for the drop from heel to toe to be comfortable for all-day walking. This is especially significant for those who work in nursing, where standing for long periods is the standard. The memory foam insole provides cushioning against the outsole’s rough surface. When a person walks, stands, or sits in this shoe, their feet receive a soft cushioning effect all day. When one walks around, the memory foam insole gives the feet a springy feel.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Lambskin Leather Is Exceptionally Soft & Versatile No Cushioning In The Insoles
Short Break-in Period
Light & Airy



Bloch Pulse S0470L

Bloch Pulse S0470L

If you’re serious about Swing, Ballet, or even Contemporary, you’ll need jazz shoes. You’ll want something stretchy, breathable, and shock-absorbent. Bloch Pulse S0470L Dance Women’s Pulse Leather and Neoprene Split Sole Jazz Shoes are perfect for every occasion. The Pulse shoes are constructed of authentic leather and neoprene, making them both flexible and comfortable. Furthermore, they are well-fitting and can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. They have a split sole with grip pads to keep you stable when dancing on slick surfaces. The shoe has a pointed arch for more protection while standing on your toes, but it is also stiffer than the previous edition. Bloch is also well-known for its diverse line of dancing shoes, which cater to various dance styles. The Neo-Flex Leather Jazz Shoes represent the pinnacle of Bloch’s product line. This shoe is made from a blend of authentic, full-grain soft leather and neoprene to create a severe dancer’s unique tool. Combining these two materials gives you a weaker grip, and the side slip-on goring helps you put them on and take them off with ease. EVA foam construction is used in these shoes’ interior to provide maximum comfort and support when dancing.

The shoe slip design allows you to perform rapid movements for various types of salsa dancing styles while remaining stable. The heel is just high enough to allow for a decent amount of flexibility while still providing a pivot for all spins. The sole split design allows for a more excellent range of motion, and the heel pads offer extra support and stability to the back of the foot, so you can enjoy dancing without worrying about your shoes.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Durable Size Accuracy Issue
Comfortable & Safe
Slip-on, Easy To Take It Off & Put Back On



Capezio Hanami 2037W

Capezio Hanami 2037W

The Capezio Hanami 2037W Ballet Shoe is a comfortable ballet slipper with a durable tanned suede leather outsole. This also makes the shoe more secure and prevents it from pinching or squeezing the toes. A bar-tacked elastic drawstring hugs the foot for a perfect fit and adds a touch of sophistication to the shoe. These shoes are comfortable and suitable for dancers of all ages. The hanged cotton lining has an exclusive daisy print and a classic style. According to several users, the Capezio Hanami flatters the foot without bunching or gaping, including those on Discount Dance Supply, where it earned four-and-a-half out of five stars. This shoe, in my opinion, feels like a second skin and allows you to feel the ground. Its tight fit is ideal for those who have narrow feet.

The Capezio Hanami is made of incredibly soft and versatile four-way stretch canvas that gently hugs your foot. Pointe Magazine dubbed it a “slipper superhero” for ballet shoes because of its elegant silhouette, which provides both aesthetic and practical advantages. The only disadvantage of the shoe’s lightweight, thin, and breathable canvas is that it can wear out more quickly than shoes made of heavier canvas. This model has a smooth interior lining for added support, but make sure your toenails are trimmed! The shoe’s toe and heel parts are connected by a stretchy diamond-shaped gusset under the middle’s arch, allowing complete pointing and flexing. Flat front pleats under the toe add little bulk and do not obstruct fluid movements such as pirouettes. The flat suede split-sole patches on the Capezio Hanami help with balancing and turning.

On All About Dance, the Capezio Hanami received four out of five stars, and on Dance Supplies, it received five out of five stars. I adore this shoe and use it for all of the above reasons. My Capezio Hanamis are 8.5 narrow, and my street shoes are 7.5 thin. Don’t be surprised if you think, “How am I going to get them onto my feet?” after taking them out of the box. Place your toes under the pre-sewn elastics in the front of the foot, pull back the shoe to smooth and stretch the canvas around your metatarsals, and then pull up the back onto your heel.

Reported Pros & Cons are:

Pros Cons
Long Lasting None That We Could Find
Suede Sole
Drawstring For Added Protection




Choosing Ballet Shoes – A Buyer’s Guide

Material: Ballet shoes are most often made of satin, canvas, or leather. While satin is attractive, leather is the most durable. Canvas shoes, which are usually less expensive than leather but more durable than satin, are a good compromise. Children frequently use leather ones because they are thick and durable. More experienced and seasoned dancers prefer canvas shoes because they conform to the foot’s shape.

Sole: The most critical part of the shoe is the heel. They cover your feet and keep you from falling. Look for anti-skid or anti-slip features in your shoes. This will protect you on the dance floor.

Toe Pads: When looking for ballet shoes, look for ones with toe pads. Throughout every dance routine, they can keep your toes comfortable.


Ballet Shoes Styles

Split Sole Shoes have a rough pad on the bottom of the foot. The place, however, does not cover the full length of the sole. Only the ball of the foot, toes, and heel are affected. This is done on purpose to give the ballerina’s foot more range of motion. The split sole shoes make pointing and flexing the foot more comfortable.

Shoes with a full sole: The sole of the whole sole shoe covers the shoe’s entire bottom. Newer dancers like these shoes because they offer additional support.

Pointe Shoes: Pointe shoes are made to protect the ankles and feet. Experienced ballerinas wear these shoes.


We can only wear ballet shoes while dancing. Avoid putting them on your child for sports or other events, as well as on grass, asphalt, or other rough surfaces.

We should clean ballet shoes with care. Although most canvas ballet shoes are machine washable, it’s necessary to wash them with light, similar-colored clothing. Putting the boots in a lingerie bag and passing them on the delicate cycle is also a smart idea. Canvas ballet shoes should not be dried in the dryer. The heat will hasten the deterioration of the boots. I should not wash leather ballet shoes in the machine. Wipe some dirt away gently with a damp cloth.

They should store ballet shoes with care. They should store ballet shoes in a mesh bag. A plastic bag can trap moisture, speeding up the deterioration of your shoes.

Purchase two pairs. It’s a good idea to have two pairs of ballet shoes if you dance often. Your shoes will wear out faster the more you dance. Alternating two teams may extend the life of each.

Important Thoughts

Ballet shoes are usually made of leather or canvas, though the mesh is sometimes used. Leather ballet shoes are a classic option that some dancers favor due to their durability. They’re much easier to clean and have more traction. They’re particularly beneficial for beginners because they can help stabilize the foot as you learn to dance. Leather is also a more comfortable choice for some dancers because it molds to the foot over time.

Ballet shoes made of canvas are an excellent choice for vegan artists, as long as they don’t have a suede or leather sole. Canvas is also lightweight and breathable, and it absorbs moisture better when dancing. Shoes may usually be washed in the washing machine and take less time to break in. Canvas shoes, according to some dancers, allowing them to feel the floor better than leather shoes. While mesh ballet shoes are breathable, they are not as comfortable as leather or canvas ballet shoes.



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