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Nettleton Shoes is something more than a pretty face. There is a lot of deep inner beauty that gentlemen who love fine things and fine living appreciate. A full overview of Nettleton  shoe construction and what you get when you buy a Nettleton Shoe can be found below. We have letters from WW1 soldiers dating back to the early 1900s about their experience with a Nettleton Shoe, as well as letters from the White House from Presidents who have worn our items. Our customers have been wearing Nettleton shoes for a long time. We know of instances where a father or grandfather passed on his gently worn pair of Nettleton’s since they can be resolved and reconditioned.

Introducing Nettleton Shoes

We have letters from WW1 soldiers dating back to the early 1900s about their experience with a Nettleton Shoe, as well as letters from the White House from Presidents who have worn our items. Our customers have been wearing Nettleton shoes for a long time. We know of instances where a father or grandfather passed on his gently worn pair of Nettletons since they can be resoled and reconditioned. Their shoes were sought after by both the country’s elite and the successful working man.

The business has changed hands over the years and is now owned and run by the Tognoni family. The Tognoni family has a long background of both shoemaking and artistry, and they’ve brought the heritage to the Nettleton brand with a commitment to producing top-tier footwear that rivals John Lobb and others.

Nettleton currently has a range of Goodyear welted dress shoes, both lace ups and loafers, that are extremely high quality and attractive. The shoes are handcrafted from the finest leathers and are impeccably elegant and timeless in style while still appealing to some modern sensibilities They will debut their low vamp Blake Stitched range in the first quarter of 2015, showcasing their style in the realms of wovens, exotics, and hybrid suede and patent leathers..

Nettleton understands what today’s men want in high-end luxury boots. They are in tune with today’s luxury shoe shopper, as shown by their stylings, colour choices, and wide variety of size and width options. A new service they’ve added is the ‘personal pair’ programme, which allows customers to choose any style and have it designed in any colour and leather. Shell Cordovan, for example, is manufactured in Belgium. For more details, please contact us.

Do yourself a favour and look over the Nettleton collection; I think you’ll be happy with what they have to offer.

The Way They Make Them Is The Difference

It all begins with the word “last” (the physical form of a foot over which the leather is pulled to give the shoe the style and fit that is desired). It’s worth noting that all Nettleton shoes are constructed on a combination last. This usually means that the width of the shoe at the ball is twice as wide as the heel, resulting in a fit that closely resembles the human foot profile. Our lasts have been in place at Nettleton for generations to ensure the same fit, style, and longevity we’ve always been known for. Of course, over 140 years in service, we’ve kept up with updating the last to fit the improvements in gentlemen’s feet.

We use only the finest calf skin leathers that have been tanned in France’s finest tannery. Nettleton Shoes are made entirely of natural materials, ensuring longevity, elegance, and breathability. By searching for our logo on the inside, side counter of the shoe, you can tell it’s a genuine Nettleton. Look for the Nettleton blue bobbin thread that runs along the top line of the shoe’s inside stitch. Look for the “dog ear” cut on the back shoe counter; we use it on every Nettleton Shoe when possible; it gives us a distinct look. The tongue of the shoe should be part of the original cut of the leather wherever possible; it does not need to be stitched on.  Our shoes are hand polished, not painted, so you start with a hand-rubbed natural surface. This means no non-natural materials can build up on the beautiful outside leather upper. We make as few cuts as possible when cutting a piece of leather. We don’t get as many shoes out of a hide as some of our competitors, but we believe it’s necessary. The less bits in a shoe, the more durable and long-lasting it will be.

Outsole Of Nettleton Shoes

Outsole Of Nettleton Shoes

The outsoles of a Nettleton Shoe are a declaration of consistency, longevity, and practicality in and of themselves. The outsole is made in Germany by a company that has a reputation for producing high-quality footwear. Our outsoles can last up to eight times longer than the outsoles of other shoes in regular use. The leather is tanned using the oak-bark method, which uses biodegradable tanning agents including bark and fruit. This process produces a long-lasting product that is dermatologically safe for your feet. The outsole is hand-cut, allowing for more precise finishing during the shoe’s production. It’s hand stained for a lovely look. Unlike many other manufacturers, we never paint our outsoles. The consistency and flawlessness of the leather used can be seen. Waterproof, abrasion-resistant, durable but flexible, and extremely comfortable to wear, the leather is a great choice. It absorbs perspiration and improves the shoe’s breathability due to its natural fibre construction.

Heel Of Nettleton Shoes

heels Of Nettleton Shoes

A Nettleton Shoe’s heel is made up of four handcrafted stacked layers of the same leather as the outsole. For the outsole, we use a double-stacked piece of rubber and cut away half of it for the bottom leather piece. The whole thing is glued and kept in place by fifteen brass tacks that wear at the same pace as the rubber and leather, ensuring that you do not lose your place. You will see how it all stacks up and fits together if you look at the breast of the heel (the curved inside edge of the heel). An English or McAfee heel is the name for this form of construction. One of the reasons a Nettleton Shoe can be reconditioned several times for a long life is because of all the fuss about handcrafted heels and outsoles.

Leather Lining

Leather Lining

All Nettleton shoes have a full leather lining, which is made as much as possible from a single piece of leather to minimise seams for strength and comfort. There are no synthetic materials in the shoe construction, so the leather lining isn’t used to hide them. Nothing is hidden from us. Take note of the intersection of the linings on the side counter and the back counter.  There is a butt seam so that the stitching is hidden between the layers of leather rather than protruding out where it could irritate your foot during the day. Feel the smoothness and lack of distracting seams on the inside top of the shoe.

I was searching the Saks off Fifth website over the weekend looking for Corthay shoes when I came across these Nettleton Regiment wholecut shoes, which were advertised for $199 with a 25% off coupon. I had never heard of Nettleton before, but they seemed to be goodyear welted at first glance.My experience with Nettleton shoes

I wanted to follow the rabbit all the way down and discovered that Nettleton was once a high-end shoemaker based in New York that, like most other American shoemakers, had vanished. About 2014, some online articles stated that the company had been resurrected and was now producing shoes in Belgium. These Regiments are still available with very good detailing on Nettleton’s website for nearly $1000. The Saks definition was brief, and the images didn’t show the heel, but the Nettleton website had more photos, including a goodyear shoe with a closed channelled stitch and a bevelled waist. The shoes are also made of “the finest quality calfskin,” according to the Nettleon website. As a result, I decided to take a gamble to see if these shoes were any good.

The verdict: They’re not bad for $200, but they’re not a $1000 shoe or even the same shoes seen on the Nettleton website. They are made of Goodyear welted steel. They have a 270-degree welt with fudging on the welds. The soles are rubber, and the heel is stacked and has a hybrid heel pad. In the heel, there are brass tacks. The welt’s stitch density is very strong, at 6-7 stitches per inch.

Uppers: The uppers tend to be calf because they are full grain and have a very strong grain structure. The leather was relatively free of flaws. The colour is consistent. The interiors are entirely lined in leather. In the shoe, there is a full-length leather insole. I gently peeled it back, revealing a leather footbed in the back of the shoe and fiberboard or something similar in the front half.

QC: Overall, the QC seemed to be appropriate for a GYW shoe, but one of the shoes had a small dent along the welt’s toe edge (see pics). Aside from the dent, I’d say the workmanship was comparable to Meermin or Allen Edmonds.

Fit: These were a size 10.5. I’m a 10.5D Brannock, and these were a little too short and narrow for me. I’m not sure if I’d go up a half height, but you probably will if you have a big foot or a high instep.

I also believed I was having a decent offer. Based on images I saw on Nettleton’s website (closed channel sole with bevelled waist) and other research I did suggesting that the shoes were being sold through highend independent menswear shops, I thought these might be a very nice shoe. Since Saks has a few models, I hypothesised that some shop had gone out of business and Saks had purchased their inventory. I believe that Nettleton is still largely defunct, and that most of the shoes are now made for discounters. Some of their shoes are probably made in Belgium, but the majority of the shoes I could find were on Gilt, Saks off Fifth, and other online discounters. . You can’t do anything worse for $150 to $200, and if you like this theme, it’s not a bad investment. I’m on my way with another pair of Longwings. I’ll take a look to see if they have a more appealing shape.

Does Nettleton Shoes Run True To Size?

Does Nettleton Shoes Run True To Size

I believe the others are right. For the most part, I wear an 8 1/2, but there is some variation depending on who makes it.

I saw a pair of size 8 Nettleton Lehighs on eBay, but they were a wider cut than yours. They’re a little tight, but they’re comfortable. However, I doubt I’d be able to find a narrow cut Nettleton in a size 8. Those are some very nice shoes. Mine were a bit battered, but with a little TLC, they’ve come a long way.

I often wish we could return to the two distinct widths. Since I have narrow heels and a big foot, some sizing is difficult for me.

Nettleton was a high-end American shoemaker that went out of business in 1984. It appears to have been resurrected by off-shore high-cost production—Belgium isn’t cheap.


The brand promises an unmatched fit that closely resembles the foot, ensuring that its shoes can last and provide comfort as they age, thanks to the use of mixed lasts and the finest calfskin leather. Loafers, Derby shoes, chukka boots, and wingtip Oxford shoes are among the styles available. For the modern guy, the Nettleton collection of footwear offers timeless appeal as well as a dose of effortless, elegant elegance.

Shoes from Nettleton are a must-have for any tailored ensemble. Every pair from the brand has the potential to become your new formal go-to, thanks to its sleek, classic design and use of supple suede and leather. Its monk strap loafers have gold-toned buckles that combine versatility and classic design for a comfortable fit, while Nettleton’s tassel loafers are casual models that slip on easily. To add to your regular rotation, choose from monochrome, bold, and tan models.



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