Ferragamo Shoe Sizing Guide

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If you own a dog, having dog nail clippers with lights is a must-have piece. You don’t have to be afraid of nail-clipping sessions with your dog. At least not when you have one of the items on this list, which are all designed to make nail trimming painless for your dog while also incorporating LED lights to help you keep a close eye on the operation. Ferragamo extended the family business by branching out into leather accessories and ready-to-wear until he died in 1960, where he served as artistic director. The Italian luxury label remains true to its illustrious legacy of pragmatically opulent design that instills personality into sartorial classics today, with renowned artistic director Paul Andrew at the helm. Andrew’s energetic silhouettes strike an elevated balance between modernity and timelessness with understated elegance, seamlessly mixing a bold style with functionality and working from a multigenerational base.

Sneakers and accessories are meticulously crafted with the highest level of prestige, using premium-sourced leather and cutting-edge technology. Hand-crafted loafers and Chelsea boots are available in suede, grained, and buffed leathers, providing an elegant and flexible look appropriate for both work and play. Belts, logo-emblazoned belt packs, wallets, and briefcases brimming with imaginative details pay homage to the house’s original Art Deco architecture and early modern style. Ferragamo shoes can be both a pleasurable treat and a wise investment in your feet. Salvatore Ferragamo dedicated his life to creating stylish but comfortable shoes, even studying anatomy to improve his shoes’ arch support and balance. The family-run business continues to put a premium on comfort and efficiency, employing manual labor and personal attention to detail. Personal service and exclusive and stylish shoes will make a trip to a Ferragamo store as enjoyable and therapeutic as a trip to the spa. Learn how to buy Ferragamo shoes and how to choose the best pair for your needs.

Find a Ferragamo store near. You can find locations on the Ferragamo website (see Resources below). There are Ferragamo sections in high-end department stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and standalone boutiques in several cities. A pedicure is a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself. The shoes would look and feel better with your pampered foot and well-trimmed toes. You’ll also feel more at ease putting on such elegant and luxurious shoes, which the salesperson would appreciate.

Dress in a way that complements the type of shoes you choose to purchase. Wear a dress or skirt the same length as your special-occasion dress to help you select the best pair of shoes for a formal event. You can also bring the outfit with you to assist you and the salesperson in selecting the right color and design. Ankle-strapped shoes, for example: Make legs appear shorter and better with higher hemlines that show more legs. Wear stockings (or socks for casual shoes) or inquire about nylon peds from the salesperson. Stockings make it easier for your foot to slip into shoes and shield your feet from the pressure that comes with putting on several pairs of shoes. It also protects and saves the shoes for future customers. Shop with courage and courtesy. It can be overwhelming to walk into a designer store with shoes on glass shelves and a security guard at the entrance, but don’t let that deter you. Walk on in and start looking for the shoes you’re looking for. Also, don’t be afraid to inquire about rates.

If you can only afford a few hundred dollars, there’s no point in falling in love with a $2,000 pair. Try to be courteous to the salesperson, but keep in mind that she is there to represent you, regardless of how much money you spend.

Increase Your Scale

Ferragamo shoes, particularly patent leather models, run half a size smaller than American shoes. Ask the salesperson for shoes in sizes 8 and 8 12 if you usually wear a size 7 12. Remember that the number on the shoe is less important than the comfort. Try on various models of Ferragamo to see which ones suit your foot shape the best. Try on both pairs of shoes. Your feet aren’t necessarily a great size fit, and one shoe could be more worn out due to other customers trying it on. Put on both shoes and walk around to see how comfortable they are. It’s worth the extra step when you’re spending a lot of money on a pair of Ferragamo shoes.

If you’re on a budget, look for practical shoes. If splurging on an indulgent shoe isn’t an option, Ferragamo has more flexible choices to help you get more bang for your buck. A flaming red sequined stiletto is eye-catching for a special occasion, but you can wear a black patent peep-toe heel for several occasions. Each style has eye-catching details that will make you stand out, so the functional option won’t be a letdown. Sales at the end of the season are a perfect way to save money. Start searching for shoes that have been discounted to make room for the latest lines in Ferragamo boutiques and department stores in the middle of the season. As fall lines debut, summer shoes can go on sale as early as late June or early July. These end-of-season sales will save you hundreds of dollars, and you might even be able to get a pair for under $100.

Discount designer online stores like Overstock.com and Blue fly are worth a look. If you use the search feature to look for Ferragamo items, you’ll find discounts ranging from 20 to 65 percent on Ferragamo shoes. If possible, go to a shop to put on Ferragamo shoes and determine your size for their lines. If you see a pair you like but can’t afford in a shop, keep an eye on the sale racks and coupon websites to see if the style returns at the end of the season.


Ask the salesperson to get it delivered to you from another place if your desired size or color isn’t available in the shop. It is valid even for sale shoes: if a pair in your size is still around, they will get it for you. If you got good service, ask for the salesperson’s business card so you can ask for her on your next visit. After a trip to Ferragamo, keep an eye on your mail. Your salesperson may give you a handwritten note expressing gratitude for your business. Maintain contact with the salesperson so that he can keep you informed about new product lines and potential sales. Ferragamo shoes are available for purchase on the official website. Still, it is recommended that you visit a Ferragamo store first to find the size and style that best fits you, and you can find additional savings on Ferragamo shoes at discount designer’s online stores like Blue fly and Overstock.

How I Find Ferragamo?

finding ferragamo shoes

I own Varas and other Ferragamo heels; the Varina’s are not among them (flats).

  • Comfort

I’m 5’7′′ (170cm) tall, and I find the big heel very comfortable and simple to walk in. Compared to my cheaper Nine West shoes, I can walk all day in them and not feel any pain in my feet. If you get the right size, it’s comfortable. I strongly advise you to try them on at a Ferragamo boutique because fitting can be difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the brand.

  • Suitability

Ferragamo are ideal for dates, college, casual, and church. They are truly appropriate for any situation. Whether you’re going anywhere with water (such as a beach or a wet market) or an uneven walking surface. Because of my profession, I’m more likely to dress up, but when I’m in the mood for something more casual, a pair of bowed Varas instantly elevates my look.

  • Perception

Ferragamo was once thought to be a brand for older women. However, now that the Varas is becoming more mainstream to the point where you can customize your own Varas/Varina’s, it’s an under-appreciated brand to keep an eye on!

The Price Of Ferragamo

price of ferragamo shoes

  • Ferragamo in the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Sydney is a city in Australia. At the outlet store in Home bush, I find the Bisque Varas on sale for AUD $419 (USD 367). I am aware of only one Ferragamo outlet store in Australia, which is located in Sydney. Outlet stores have a small selection of sizes. I saw 9AA there. In general, sizes 7 to 8.5B sell out quickly. Check out the Home bush outlet store, which is very large and extensive.
  • The most common color is black/Nero. It is never, if ever, on sale, so expect to pay full price.
  • Sydney Central Park, York St, and Castlereagh St. Voi Outlet Store Over there, I saw the yellow and Bisque pairs for AUD 430 (USD 376). However, unusual sizes such as 10B remained. There are no Nero (black) ones available for purchase.
  • In July 2014, the Nero patent Varas retailed for about AUD 680 (approx.) (USD 595) in the official Ferragamo boutique store at QVB Sydney. The sales assistant told me, somewhat arrogantly, that Nero-colored Varas are never on sale.
  • Customized Vara pump heels will cost SGD 1,090 (USD 953) in Singapore, while Varina pumps will cost S$990 (USD 866). Price may vary between countries.

The cheapest option is to purchase it in Europe or at an American outlet store. Ferragamo stores in Singapore, on the other hand, typically have sales twice a year (around 30 percent off). If you spend more than Aud$300 on a single receipt in Australia, you can receive the 10% GST back at the international airport.

What I Recommend Getting From Ferragamo?

I suggest the patent Nero (black) Ferragamo Varas as a first pair because the color is timeless and will never go out of style. Neutral colors like Bisque (light brown) go with everything and are great for summer.

Sizing of Ferragamo

sizes ferragamo shoes

Ferragamo sizing is a little complicated at first, but once you figure it out, it’s a breeze. Here’s how to do it:

  • Shoe Widths

AAAA (narrowest width), AAA (narrower), AA (narrow), B (normal width), C (broad width), D (extra wide width) (widest width). Ferragamo stores in Asian countries prefer to stock wider widths like C and D. It may be because Asian feet are wider. When you see 9B, you know its number is the US size.

I’m a UK 7 with big feet and a Euro 39 to 40. In Ferragamo Varas, I wear a size 9B, which is a good match for me. 9.5B, 9C, and 10 AA are also options.

How To Take Care Of Your Ferragamo?

caring for ferragamo shoes

I have a pair of crocodile-pattern Varas (pictured above) that I’ve had for about a decade. These Varas are extremely hardy and long-lasting! Varas have leather soles, which appear to get thinner and thinner over time as you walk more and more.

  • You can get Vibram professionally attached to the leather sole at a cobbler.
  • Wet surfaces (hello, RAIN!) and rough, coarse pavements will ruin your leather soles! During the rainy season, always bring a pair of slippers with you, and clean your Ferragamo once a week with a slightly damp cloth. Since the insole is usually light in color, cleaning it with a wet cloth once a week will suffice.
  • Wet surfaces (hello, RAIN!) and rough, coarse pavements will ruin your leather soles! During the rainy season, always bring a pair of slippers with you, and clean your Ferragamo once a week with a slightly damp cloth.
  • Since the insole is usually light in color, cleaning it with a wet cloth once a week will suffice.
  • If you have sweaty feet or live in a humid climate, a charcoal dehumidifier shoe insert or cedar shoe trees will help.

How I Successfully Stretched My Ferragamo?

  • Freezing The Shoes With Water

It appears to be one of the most common and effective methods. BUT, I strongly advise against doing this with any high-priced shoes; what if the glue is compromised? Can you stand seeing your babies fall apart after just a few times?

  • Using A Hairdryer

This technique is simple: wear your thickest socks and heat the shoes with a hairdryer while wiggling your toes in them to support the expansion. This approach worked for me as a fast fix when I needed to wear the shoes out and about, but with patent leather, they appear to shrink back to their original size if left unworn overnight.

  • Daiso’s Shoe Tree

I’ve seen this shoe tree around for a long time; it’s used to keep shoes in shape when they’re not in use.


However, as you can see, the shoe tree is slightly smaller than the shoes, so it won’t help the shoes grow in any way. After much deliberation, I decided that assisting the shoe tree by wearing two layers of thick socks and then stuffing them back into the shoes would be beneficial. Yes, indeed! They were successful!!! However, the shoe tree isn’t strong enough to stretch properly, so it’s still not good enough.



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