Do Peloton Shoes Run Small?

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Peloton shoes are true to size. Road cycling shoes are more comfortable than peloton shoes, which are stiffer to help maximum power transfer but not as much as mountain/casual cycling shoes. Notice that road cycling shoes typically support three-hole cleats, such as the Look Delta-compatible cleats that come with your bike (even if you don’t purchase Peloton shoes), while mountain/casual cycling shoes typically support two-hole cleats, such as Shimano SPD-compatible cleats. While many other road cycling shoes will accommodate two-hole or three-hole cleats, the Peloton shoes do not keep two-hole SPD cleats.

If you want to use SPD cleats on your Peloton bike, you’ll need to replace the pedals. My experience replacing them with Schwinn Triple-Link pedals, which support Look-Delta on one side and SPD on the other, is detailed in a previous entry (and even come with a toe-clip adapter to allow riding with sneakers). I use two separate pairs of shoes depending on my ride expectations: Cat-1 carbon fiber road cycling shoes with Look Delta cleats for rough rides and Shimano cycling sandals for casual/recovery rides. Even though I own a pair of Peloton shoes that are very comfortable, I seldom wear them because my sandals are more comfortable. Is the sizing of peloton shoes accurate? When I was researching the best shoes for peloton bikes, I always came across this question. But it wasn’t until I went through an ordeal spinning in smaller shoes that this hit me hard. It made me understand how important it was to wear a comfortable shoe during a timed workout. One thing is self-evident: your peloton shoes should be snug. However, this does not rule out the possibility of giving your toes some breathing room. No, it would be best if you had shoes that will make you forget you’re wearing them so you can focus on the most important goal: the workout.

Shoes From Peloton May Be True To Size

Shoes From Peloton May Be True To Size

I can confidently assume that peloton brand shoes are true to size based on the majority of customer feedback and the shoe description. However, this is only true for users who have standard feet and tend to lean toward narrow. Men’s Peloton shoes are available in sizes 44 to 48, and women’s Peloton shoes are available in sizes 36 to 39, all in US sizes. If you’re familiar with European dimensions, this corresponds to men’s sizes of 10.5 to 13.5 and women’s sizes of 5 to 8. Isn’t that a small range? There’s something, though. There are unisex shoes in sizes 40 to 43, which correspond to women’s sizes 9 to 12 and men’s sizes 7 to 10. Perhaps not persuaded? That’s what I expected. In that case, we can all settle on a limited selection of peloton shoe sizes. These shoes, on the other hand, are ideal for people with narrow feet.

Do Peloton Shoes Come In Small Or Large Sizes?

Do Peloton Shoes Come In Small Or Large Sizes

Peloton shoes do not run small or large, but they do run true to size, which makes them worth your money. A few instances where peloton shoes run small or wide due to the buyer’s narrower or wider foot size. Let’s see, and if your feet are incredibly narrow, any regular shoe should suit you perfectly. Even if your feet are minimal, you will be safe in a peloton. The fit will be perfect if your feet are standard sizes. However, you may need to size up a size or half a size if you have larger feet. Peloton, fortunately for you, provides measures in halves, which is a huge plus for some of us. Did you know that peloton shoes do not have to be of the Peloton brand? With such independence, you can get shoes that are the most size-appropriate for you. So not only can you have more cost-effective shoes, but you’ll also be able to bike in a peloton in shoes that suit you perfectly.

People with big feet are the most affected, as finding the correct shoe size can be difficult. Have you ever gone up a length to end up with longer shoes that somehow don’t match your feet? Unfortunately, it is a common problem for people who have big feet. However, there is a ray of hope with shoes like Tommaso Strada 200 and Sidi Genius 7 Mega. Finally, you’ll be able to enjoy a spinning session without wishing your legs were only a little bit shorter. As a result, peloton shoes can run small or wide in this regard, but this is mainly dependent on the size of your feet.

Peloton Shoe Sizing Guide

I’m going to start with the Peloton brand bike shoes that come with your bike when it comes to Peloton shoe sizing. After that, I’ll talk about other spin or cycling shoe brands that work with the Peloton bike.

When it comes to choosing peloton shoes, many things to consider to find the ideal cycling shoe that fits true to size.

  • Shoe Width

It is preferable to know the width of your foot before selecting a shoe. Look for the toe base or the tip of the shoes where they fan out and make sure the cycling shoes you choose don’t put any pressure on these areas of your foot.

  • Shoe Length

If you want to avoid injury, there is no need for extra space in cycling shoes, and the same is true for running shoes. It is beneficial to understand the insole and observe foot termination to ensure that your shoes are comfortable. Shoes should be well ventilated, but too much room increases the chances of injury.

  • Stability

The shoes you wear should provide enough support and stability to your feet when you are moving. The alignment of the foot is also critical. When the shoe makes contact with the deck, look at the foot alignments.

  • Midsole Cushioning

The midsole is a critical component of the shoe that provides cushioning. Spinning shoes do not reduce the force that passes through them; however, the transfer time can be increased, giving the body ample time to adjust.

There are some essential considerations when purchasing peloton shoes to ensure that you get the best fit possible.

How Should Peloton Shoes Fit?

How Should Pelotons Fit? Peloton shoes should be snug but with enough room for ventilation. I mean, your feet don’t need to be any more uncomfortable than they already are from the heat you’ll be emitting during a spinning session. To go back a step, if peloton brand shoes aren’t a good match for your feet, look for Peloton compatible shoes from other brands. You’ll be shocked at how well the result matches your peloton spinning requirements as if they were made for each other. Exustar has rebranded peloton shoes (Reddit) and sells them at a lower price, but they are still the peloton shoes that the peloton brand sells.

Are Peloton Shoes Necessary?

Are Peloton Shoes Necessary

No, not at all. Although other brands will be compatible with peloton shoes, they are not needed. Are you not convinced? On a peloton bike, you can wear regular non-cycling shoes as long as you use toe cages. Toe cages on your bike eliminate the hassle of having to rush through peloton shoe fitting. When you’re looking for the right peloton spinning shoes, you can wear your tennis shoes.

What is the best way to determine the size of cycling shoes to purchase? When shopping for cycling shoes, stick to your regular shoe size. You should get your shoe measurements if you’re not sure. All standard shoe sizes will fit a regular foot. However, if your feet are at the extremes, you’ll need to think about the shoe brand as well. It is also essential that you seek clarification if you are unsure. It’s also a good idea to look for consumer feedback.

What Is The Best Way To Measure Your Foot Size?

What Is The Best Way To Measure Your Foot Size

The right shoe fit will improve your spinning experience and make traveling in shoes more comfortable. The basic steps for measuring feet are as follows:

  • Begin by stepping down on a piece of paper and tracing your foot’s outline. If you have trouble feeling your toes, you may want to suggest having someone else trace your foot for you.
  • Calculate the length of your foot from the longest toe to the back of your heel with a ruler. Then, make a note of the measurements with a pen and paper.
  • It’s also crucial to measure your foot’s most comprehensive section.
  • You should add your measurements to the measurements on the shoe size chart to find the correct amount that corresponds to your measurements. Ensure that the shoe’s width and length are the same to avoid any issues with the shoe size.

As a result, this is the basic procedure for measuring your feet and selecting the best-fitting shoes from the Peloton.


It’s not easy to get the perfect fit, and you’ll need the assistance of a competent shoe fitter. However, since not everyone has access to a professional shoe fitter, it’s important to keep essential tips in mind.

  • Since walking will increase the size of your feet, weigh them after a full day of walking. After a long day of walking, your feet will swell.
  • It’s a brilliant idea to try on the stockings or socks you’ll be wearing with your new shoes.
  • Since the maximum variation in shoe size measurements is 1/8 inch, your foot measurements must be equally detailed. When rounding up and down, the precision of measurement is reduced, making it more difficult to find a good shoe fit.

Which Peloton bike shoes are the best? What spin shoes would work on a Peloton bike? What is the fit of the Peloton bike shoes?

Some of the most commonly asked questions about owning a Peloton bike are mentioned below. Purchasing Peloton bike shoes tends to be the most popular stumbling block. Also, I get it. Before I got my Peloton bike shoes, I used to ride a normal bike in regular sneakers. Toe or shoe cages were present on my pedals. I had, however, never ridden a road bike on clip-in bike shoes. When we got our Peloton bike in 2016, everything changed. The bike came with a free pair of shoes at the time. My husband and I both have big feet. Because of his unusually high arch, some may argue that his feet are more difficult to match. But when it came time to pick the Peloton bike shoes that came with the bike, we chose a pair for him. Next, I’ll get into where I found Peloton spin shoes for sale and how I ended up buying them a little later.

Do You Need Special Shoes For Peloton?

When I say Peloton compatible shoes, I mean that the cleat or clip on the bottom of the shoe matches the Peloton pedal. A red triangle-shaped Look Delta cleat is used on the pedals (thus the Delta). So, do you want Peloton-specific footwear? If you want to be able to clip in and out while riding, the answer is yes. Make sure the shoes you purchase have cleats that are compatible with Peloton pedals. Are you looking for Peloton racing shoes? Do you have a specific shoe brand in mind that Peloton sells? No, it’s not true. As I previously said, as long as you get shoes that can accommodate the Peloton pedals’ cleats, you’ll be fine.


Shoes are, in our opinion, one of the easiest things to purchase. But that won’t happen until you find a shoe that your feet barely fit into or that easily slides into as you walk.

To summarize, peloton shoes fit true to size, particularly for those with regular or semi-narrow feet. However, the fit can differ from person to person, as some may get the correct size, and others may need to size up or down. The most critical consideration when selecting cycling shoes is that they must be comfortable during workouts. It’s essential to choose shoes that fit correctly, have enough air passage space, and keep your feet fully stable while exercising.



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