Do ECCO Shoes Come In Wide?

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ECCO shoes are constructed so that they fit from the heel to the instep, as opposed to traditional shoes that fit across the toes, limiting the natural spread of your toes when walking. The “Freedom Fit” of ECCO shoes means that they can fit a large range of feet. You may also wonder if Ecco makes narrow shoes. Sandals with a Narrow Toe Box, the ECCO Yucatan is one of the most comfortable sandals you’ll ever wear, with an adjustable and narrower fit.

How Do You Know If You Need A Wide-Width Shoe?

How Do You Know If You Need A Wide-Width Shoe

If you always try on shoes that fit well in length but are tight in the sides, it’s a good indication that you need broad-width shoes. A typical Band-Aid solution is to switch to a longer-length foot. It will give you a little more width, but it will be a sloppy fit with extra space in either the heel or toe box. This is bad for various reasons: it can cause chafing or blisters, change your gait, and even cause you to trip. Finding a pair of shoes that fits well is always the best option.

Do Feet Change Width?

Do Feet Change Width

People who have always worn standard or medium width shoes can be shocked to learn that they should be wearing large width shoes instead. In certain instances, a bad-fitting shoe is attributed to a lengthy break-in period when it is the wrong size. According to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s natural for your feet to widen as you get older, either due to weight gain or normal changes in ligaments and tendons. Consider trying on a pair of wide-width shoes if your shoes are feeling tighter than they used to.

Are ECCO Shoes, After All, Good For Your Feet?

The ECCO Howell shoe is a comfortable and well-padded shoe for men who work on hard floors and suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel pain. This pair of shoes has cushion and arch support that absorbs shock and helps to prevent heel and foot discomfort.

ECCO Shoes Come In Sizes Large & Small

They’re a little bigger than they claim to be. In Euro shoes, I normally wear a 42 or 43, and these say a 43 is a 9-9.5, but they look more like a 10.

What Size Do ECCO Shoes Come In?

What Size Do ECCO Shoes Come In

Size Chart for Women

7/7.5 38 24.3
8/8.5 39 25
9/9.5 40 25.7
10/10.5 41 26.3

How Do ECCO Shoes Work In This Situation?

An ECCO shoe’s heel is made to fit snugly. This is not the same thing as a snug fit. Our shoes are designed to give your toes plenty of space to move around. Because of the large toe box, this is possible (during normal wear).

Is ECCO Footwear True To Size?

Is the size of your Eccos true to your US size for those of you who have them? I go down a size. I typically wear a 10.5 and a 43 (9-9.5) in all Ecco shoes.

What Is The Ideal Match For ECCO Shoes?

An ECCO shoe’s heel is made to fit snugly. This is not the same thing as a snug fit. Our shoes are designed to give your toes plenty of space to move around. Because of the large toe box, this is possible (during normal wear).

Is It True That Ecco Shoes Are Comfortable?

Ecco Shoes Are Comfortable

The ECCO is both comfortable and stylish, earning five stars overall. The shoe is primarily constructed of sturdy leather and has a rubber sole. According to one reviewer, these shoes fit her wider feet well and have strong arch support, so she doesn’t need to wear an insole as she does for other shoes.

Is It True That Ecco Shoes Stretch?

Ecco Shoes Stretch

Ecco wide-footed shoes. . That said, for the past five years, I’ve been purchasing Ecco shoes that are one or two sizes too small (they don’t come in larger sizes), and they stretch to a perfectly comfortable size in only two weeks.

Is It Possible To Walk In Ecco Shoes?

When it comes to sandals, a good fit with no rubbing straps is essential. ECCO makes nice sandals, but I find that they stink when I walk for long periods in the sun.

Do Socks Have An Effect On Shoe Size?

Put on the socks you want to wear with your shoes before taking your measurement. If you measure for hiking boots, thicker socks can be needed than if you measure for Running Shoes. It’s Also A Good Idea To Wait Until Your Foot Is At Its Widest Point At The End Of The Day.

How Is Width Measured?

The following three considerations are taken into account when determining shoe width:

  • The Size of A Person’s Foot
  • The distance between the widest points on foot, such as the outer edge of the foot and the inner edge of the forefoot area (also known as ball width)
  • the inside circumference of the foot (known as instep girth).

To fit broad or swollen feet, wide-width shoes are wider around the shoe, deeper from top to bottom, roomier in the toe box section, and have a generous instep.

  1. Find Your Size

We believe your footwear should have soft curves, just like your foot. That’s why ECCO works hard to ensure a comfortable fit by creating shoes that match the contours of your feet. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

  • All you need is a sheet of paper, a pen, and a ruler to measure your feet from heel to toe.
  • Measure the distance between the edge of the paper and your longest toe by drawing a line in front of it.
  • Remember to weigh both feet because they can vary slightly. Your shoe size should be determined by the longest foot.
  • Many models have removable inlay soles that can be adjusted for a better fit. Try one of our other inlay soles, which come in various thicknesses, to get the best match for your needs.
  • A good fit is the most important method for ensuring your feet are comfortable. If possible, look for comfort shoe stores in your region that have employees who are qualified to measure feet and recognize common foot problems. They will even tell you about the width of your forefoot and heel, which is a common cause of fit problems.

Over time, brands evolve. I can’t promise that all of this knowledge will remain true as time passes. This is not a universal rule, and brands can differ. Ecco, a well-known European brand, is notable for fitting one size larger, so a 37 is almost always a 7. If you’re unsure, try the shoes on or contact customer service if you’re ordering online. The length and width are the two dimensions that makeup sizing. Although several brands will notice “W” or “N” on the consumer-facing side, width is indicated by a letter grade. Women’s widths are divided into three categories: narrow, medium/standard, and broad. You may come across AAA, AA, or D width on occasion, but it is not normal if you’re interested in trying on men’s shoes; keep in mind that a D is a men’s medium, which is ideal for women with big feet. Unfortunately, widths are becoming less common in shoes, and there are fewer models and brands available in widths.

Finally, I’ve noticed the availability of sizes 5 and 11 for each brand where possible, but it’s very typical for these brands not to manufacture anything in those sizes. It’s possible that certain models or colors weren’t available on 5/11. Many customers have gone online and purchased several pairs of the same style shoe in various sizes to return what doesn’t suit. The explanations are straightforward. Depending on the brand and style, customers can find themselves fitting into various sizes — a 7.5 women’s here, an 8.5 women’s there. As a result, when it’s time to buy a new pair, there’s a lot of guesswork involved. You likely have no idea what your true shoe size is. It’s also possible that your feet are two different sizes.

  1. Wide Shoes

To remain as comfortable as possible, some feet need big shoes. Designers make it easy to wear today’s trendiest and sportiest looks without sacrificing anything! Wider widths give your feet enough space to move about while also providing the comfort and stability you expect from high-quality shoes. What this means for you is that you won’t have any tight fittings, pinched toes, uncomfortable sides, or achy feet at the end of a workout or a long day. You’ll be able to work out harder and for longer periods while avoiding foot injuries that might otherwise derail your game. You will work at your peak without having to second-guess your footwear.

  1. Find Your Fit

You might be shocked by how many choices there are in the world of big footwear. You’ll find everything here, from casual shoes for lounging and checking off things on your to-do list to running shoes that will keep you moving when you’re out on the road. Squeezing into a too small shoe for your foot can have a significant impact on your results. Inflammation, aches, and general foot pains can be avoided, making it easier for you to concentrate and work.

  1. Pair Them Well

Ecco shoes take care of your feet in every way possible. Breathable overlays, versatile materials, and reliable closing mechanisms ranging from laces to hook-and-loops make it simple to find the perfect style for holding your feet in place as you run, hop, walk, and stride at your best. A fantastic outfit to go with the perfect look! You’ve got that covered, too, thanks to the plethora of brands that make it simple to look and feel great when working out, relaxing at home, or running errands. On a cooler day, throw on a hoodie and some comfy joggers to go with your big shoes. For a great warm-day look, pair your favorite pair of workout shorts with a tank top or a lightweight T-shirt. From top to bottom, you’ll adore it.

ECCO Shoe Widths By Size

  • Narrow/Extra Narrow Widths

Women’s letter sizes would be classified as narrow, with anything larger than a 2A being classified as Extra Narrow. Men’s shoes in the ‘B’ width are considered Narrow, whereas those in the ‘A’ width are considered Extra Narrow. Slim/Superslim is another term for Narrow/Extra Narrow. Since the gap between A and 2A is small, 2A and 4A sizes are commonly offered by manufacturers.

  • Medium Widths (Normal/Standard)

The letter size ‘B’ is considered a Medium/Normal/Standard size for women, whereas it is a ‘D’ width for men. If a shoe’s width isn’t specified, it’s normally reasonable to say it’s a Medium.

  • Wide/Extra Wide Widths

A men’s Medium (D) is considered a Broad width for women, whereas anything E or larger is considered Extra Wide. Wide usually begins at E for men, and anything greater than 2E is considered Extra Wide. Not all brands deliver widths in any increment, but the most popular are 2E/4E.


There are a few key characteristics to look for in comfortable big shoes to ensure that they fit properly and provide comfort, support, and pain relief, such as ECCO shoes.



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