Can You Play Hacky Sack Without Shoes?

(Last Updated On: October 30, 2021)

Absolutely. Wearing the right shoes is equally as crucial as using the right footbag (both in terms of support and surface area).

Footbag, often known as hacky sack, is a game in which players kick a bag with their feet while competing against one another. It’s a simple idea, but if you’ve never tried it before, you might be apprehensive about giving it a shot. But do not be alarmed! With a little practise, playing hacky sack with others can be simple (and a lot of fun).

  1. Perform an inside kick by kicking the sack with your inner foot.
  • Place the bag in front of you and let go of it gently. To kick the bag straight up, place your foot inside your shoe with the arch of your foot virtually precisely in the centre. To kick the bag straight up, make sure your ankle is angled such that the inside of your foot is parallel to the ceiling.
  • Take the sack in your hands after the first kick. Next, work on your ability to drop, kick, and catch the bag until you can do it consistently.
  • Try standing with your other leg slightly bent if you’re having difficulties kicking straightly.
  • Once you’ve mastered an inside kick with one foot, move on to practising it with the other.
  1. An outside kick is performed by kicking with the outside of your foot.
  • To kick the bag upwards, use the centre of your outside foot to gently lower the sack with your arm extended to the side. To kick the hacky sack straight up, angle your ankle like you would for an inside kick and keep your foot parallel to the ceiling.
  • Your leg may feel a little stiff at first if you try to bend it “outward” rather than toward your body’s centre. It’s all right! With time and practise, it will become second nature.
  1. Drop the bag and perform a toe kick by kicking it with your toes.
  • Drop the sack further in front of you than you would while doing an inside kick. Kick the bag with your toes to lift it straight into the air. Make sure you don’t get struck with the hacky sack by kicking your toes up instead of towards your head!
  • This kick looks a lot like the one used to juggle a soccer ball, so it’s easy to confuse the two.
  1. The kick may be referred to as “the whip” by certain hacky sack players.
  • Be sure to kick with the core of your foot and keep your feet low.
  • When kicking a hacky bag, make sure you use the middle of your foot to keep control of the object. If you keep your feet low as you kick the hacky sack, you’ll have more control over its speed and direction.
  1. If you want to be able to do stunts, practise stalling.
  • The hacky bag is dropped and caught with your foot instead of being kicked, which is called stalling. The hacky bag should contact the bottom of your foot, and you should drop your foot in a cradling motion when the stall is performed. By doing so, you’ll lessen the chance of the bag bouncing over the side.
  • In a game of hacky sack, where the object is to deliver the bag to another player, stalls are of little use. You can use them to impress your pals, though!
  • In the same way as with kicks, you have the option of doing inside, outside, or toe stalls by altering where on your foot you grab the sack.



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