Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Shoes?

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Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Shoes? Yeah, but your method depends on the nature of the shoes you paint. Slick leather is going to be tricky. Fabric shoes are going to be a lot easier. You’re going to want to retain your color stiff to avoid cracking. I have discovered that cloth artwork makes a significant difference. I, too, have found markers that work better than painting, such as Sharpies. It was a good idea to first practice on a decent pair to understand what the paint works. Because once you finish, I also suggest securing the paint. Just prevent the laces, all-metal bits, and the soils. Use a light spray sealant and preferably a matte one once you’re done.

Though should you? Not completely. Unless you’re all right when you crack with the paint scheme after 5 minutes and trust me – you’ve worked on ALL WEEKEND ON with a cracked pair of shoes. So that’s what you are doing (super short & sweet): Angelus Paint or Jacquard Neopaque Paint purchase + Createx Flexible Adhesion Promoter. Buy sandpaper (400/600 grain) + industrial acetone strength (I use a brand called Klean Strip). Sand your sneaker. Sand your sneaker. Remove the acetone from the factory (wear gloves and do it outdoors). Mix paint with the flexible adhesive promoter (no more than ten drops will be required) and begin painting. Make sure that the Liquid Kicks Official Finisher seals the paint job. I know it isn’t very pleasant to buy all these products to paint shoes – but once again, it will make a difference between 5-step sneakers and five years (if not longer). In my experience, the sneaker is covered by paint (e.g., the sneaker gets a hole in the shoe’s bottom).

Why Are Your Shoes Painted?

why shoes are painted

No new development is to customize clothing or footwear. Sometimes the shoe style is perfect for your needs, but the shoe isn’t the color you want. Painting shoes may not be for everybody, but it gives your own personal and stylish touch to your shoes. Your reason to paint your shoes might be because they have scuffs or scratches, and they show signs of wear and tear. Smoothing down your shoe and then applying paint can extend the life of your favorite shoes. In a world where people care about appearances, it is necessary to make sure that your shoes look great. When you upcycle your shoes, cosmetic damage will be something of the past. One positive result of painting your shoes is that you can ask people where you have them because they are so easy on the eyes.

Running Shoes: How To Paint Them?

painting running shoes acrylic paint

Running shoes, including sneakers, are so fun, and it is a more cost-effective way to get personalized shoes. Everything you need is:

  • Damp cloth
  • Fine-screen sandpaper (optional)
  • A broad-brown brush and a thin-brown brush
  • Your acrylic paint choice
  • Newspapers
  • Acrylic paint spray sealing

Here is what you are doing:

Take your cloth and water them. Remove dust and dirt from the surfaces of your shoes. Let them dry. Let them dry. Use the fine-grained sandpaper and gently sand the surface where your running shoes are leather. The surface rugging helps the paint to adhere to it. You can skip this step if your sneakers are canvas. You are now ready to use the paint. The way to start is upto you. If you are less experienced, start with light colors and work with darker tones in the background. Use the thin brush and the wide-bristle brush for the background for detailed work. Take your shoes outside when you’re done and put them in a newspaper. Stick with an acrylic sealant—remember earlier tips before wearing your shoes dry for up to 24 hours.

Toms Shoes Painting

painting toms shoes acrylic paint

Whether you are painting Toms shoes, Vans, or Converse, they will provide you with an ideal canvas for details. You can use the same method, except the sandpaper. If you want to create more comprehensive designs, start with your shoe. Keep a reference to what you paint on one side, and then use a pencil or marker to draw it on your shoe. You can start applying colors when your guide is ready. Keep different brushes’ sizes – use small brushes to detail and outline and larger brushes to fill and background. Recall applying in thin layers — let it dry and apply again. If it looks “wrong,” don’t get discouraged. The first layer tends to be the worst, but keep going and follow your reference. Once you mix and get further, the pattern will be nicely combined. If you are happy with the finished product, take your paint screw and cover your shoes. Again, do not drag through sharp bursts. Use your waterproofing spray when the dressing agent is dry.

Leather Shoes Painting

Whether you want to upgrade your shoes or make a new look for your leather, the paint is one way. However, keep in mind that it’s not easy to get their original appearance back after painting. This means avoid painting your $100+ leather shoes unless you are 100 percent sure.

This is what you need:

  • Preparer and Deglazer for leather.
  • Your paintbrush choice.
  • Acrylic finisher approved for leather.
  • Flat brush or brush sponge.
  • Leather cream shoe.
  • Polish leather.

That’s what you are doing: Start with the Leather Preparer and Deglazer brushing your shoes. This removes the finishing of the factory to make the paint easier to stick. Give it dry for a few minutes. Get your paint and brushes together as your shoes dry. Thin the paints with water, making it easier to apply multiple layers without appearing inconsistent. Apply your paint with a flat paintbrush or sponge. Follow your reference and paint what you see, not the best results you think. Create a thin layer, allow it to dry, and apply another layer. Let your shoes dry for 24 hours once you’re done. Place them on your porch in a ventilated room or on a shaded spot. Use a sponge brush or flat paintbrush for the finisher after 24 hours. Use soft strokes in the same way. Allow the shoes to dry again for 24 hours. Use liberal shoe cream coats followed by leather polish before using them. Rehydrate the leather. This restores texture and shine—if necessary, you can always do so later.

Pro Suggestions

Don’t rush the process of drying. Yes, 24 hours is a long time, but cutting this short may make your design shrink or make it feel tight. If you mix different colors for a specific color, do not forget to create enough to cover both shoes.

Is Acrylic Paint Waterproof?

Acrylic paint is not waterproof—just it’s waterproof. Even if you cover your painted acrylic shoes with a water-resistant spray, you should be aware of them before they wear on a rainy day.

Is Acrylic Paint Permanent?

This depends on the surface and the quality of the acrylics to which you are applying. Acrylic is an elastic paint that materials can easily absorb. Acrylic paint is almost permanent when applied to paper and fabrics, such as canvas, and is difficult to remove. When it dries on smooth surfaces like leather, glass, plastic, or metal, it’s more likely to peel or crack. Of course, the high-quality pigment in the paint will last significantly longer than low-quality pigment. However, keep in mind that, despite their high quality, they will fade over time due to exposure to outdoor elements such as sun and dirt.

How Do I Keep My Sneakers From Cracking After I Paint Them?

cracking paint on sneakers

After the paint has dried, the materials in the shoe begin to flex as you walk. There are a few things you can do to avoid this, including:

Soft purchase insoles. Insoles that are thicker and softer absorb your body weight rather than direct it to the shoe’s midsole, reducing flexing. Avoid storing them in a low-humidity environment. Maintain a humidity level of 40% in your closet or where you store your shoes. If necessary, use a humidifier to replenish moisture in the air. Maintain the shoes, particularly if they are leather. Use a conditioner on them if you notice they’re becoming stiff.

Is It Possible To Add Designs To Shoes?

If you want to apply certain designs to your shoes rather than paint them all in one color, you are glad to know that it can be. You can draw designs and fill them with other types of paint thanks to painting styluses. This will give you much-needed precision to make your favorite shoes look new and improved. Many different paints are available for shoes, but then a paint stylus is a necessary purchase if something is drawn on them. You are on the right track.

Is Acrylic Paint Staying On Shoes?

Yes, depending on the type of your shoe, you can paint your shoes with acrylic colors. If you want to paint your canvas shoes, you can choose plain white shoes and create them for your design. Draw it first with a pencil, and you can add acrylic colors to it.

Which Paint Should I Use In Conversation?

With your thin brush, gesso, or white acrylic paint and fill it with a larger brush. The white color acts as a base for brighter colors on your shoe.

How Should I Use Paint On Nike Air Force 1?

painting on nike air force 1

You can use acrylic leather paint if your shoes have stains or discoloration. The big brand’s Angelus and Fiebing are available online and in most handicraft stores. If you wish to fix a scuff, scratch, or other damage to the finish, the acrylic dye may be your best bet.


In conclusion… it is clear that when it comes to painting shoes, the possibilities are endless. Know what types of paint to use to make your shoe painting successful. Take your favorite shoes, which need some TLC, and come to paint! If you like projects like this, you will certainly like to explore all the other hobbies on my webpage using your hands to create and design. Boredom will become a thing of the past when you immerse yourself in a brand-new hobby.



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