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You’ve already noticed that there are roughly one billion different styles of men’s shoes on the market, and the quality of both their design and construction will vary greatly. It can be a major problem for guys who want to step up their shoe game (pun intended), particularly because the price isn’t always a good quality indicator. It’s far too easy to spend a small fortune on high-end dress shoes that look great one minute but fall apart the next, and far too difficult to determine which ones are worth the money and will last. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the time, resources, or closet room to try on hundreds of different labels and put their shoes to the test, so you’ll have to settle with the next best thing: hearing from someone who has personal experience with the shoes you’re interested in.

Meermin Shoes Overview

Meermin Shoes Overview

Many people are struggling through these coronavirus outbreaks, which means we’re seeing many sales right now, which I wrote about last week. For example, Meermin, a budget brand, is now having it’s first-ever sale, with a 25% discount on a range of models. In recent years, Meermin, a Spanish company with shoes made in China, has become one of the most successful Goodyear welted shoe brands in the entry market. Even though many people find the shoes rigid and uncomfortable (which isn’t always the case, even with cheaper welted shoes), their success continues. Stylish lasts and styles, as well as a low price of € 170, all entice. Meermin has now made it’s first-ever sale. They will stop carrying a large number of models, including leftover MTOs and other products. However, some sizes are restricted, and it will undoubtedly sell out quickly now that prices have been reduced by 25%, equating to around €130 before shipping costs. The sale will end at midnight EST tomorrow. Their new website is a little buggy, so you’ll need to be patient.

Beckett Simonon Shoes Overview

Beckett Simonon Shoes Overview

Beckett Simonon is a cutting-edge men’s fashion label that creates high-quality, fashionable shoes that are also environmentally friendly. Experienced artisans handcraft the pieces using premium fabrics and conventional shoemaking methods, ensuring the product’s longevity. This Beckett Simonon shoe analysis will provide you with information about the business and the goods it sells, allowing you to make a more educated decision before purchasing.

Detailed Comparison Between Beckett Simonon & Meermin Shoes

  • What Makes Beckett Simonon Unique?

A man works on leather shoes. Beckett Simonon is a newer brand with a different business model than Allen Edmonds and other shoe brands. Beckett uses a made-to-order business model rather than designing shoes without knowing whether someone would purchase them, incurring a lot of operating costs, and then passing those costs on to the consumer in the form of high prices. (If you’ve ever purchased a suit from Indochino, you’ll know what I’m talking about; they use similar model.) You go to their website and choose a theme that you like. Then, after you position your order and specify your size, shoemakers in Europe and South America begin the manufacturing process and get to work creating your exclusive pair, which will then ship directly to you.

A big part of their pitch is that they can sell custom-made, high-quality dress shoes to you for a lot less money than other retailers, who have to pay for inventory, warehousing, and other upfront costs.

  • What Makes Meermin Unique?

This Loafer is really one-of-a-kind and incredibly comfortable. This leather is truly unique, as it is made from antelope hide from Africa’s southern regions. A striking and one-of-a-kind waxed leather with all of the normal blemishes, stains, and scratches of a wild antelope living in the bushes. Blemishes and cuts are part of the leather’s appeal, and I’ll use them in the upkeep of the product.

  • Sharp Style

Beckett Simonon Boots are a perfect way to prove – and know – that you’re well-dressed. They slip on like butter and give you a boost of confidence, evoking the sharp look of a leather dress shoe. The Beckett look fantastic and are extremely comfortable from the moment you put them on, and they can only get better with time. They’re ideal for a range of outfits because of their fashion-forward aesthetic and daily appeal.

Meermin shoes, on the other hand, are modern and long, with a dress last. A squared toe with a sharp chiseled shape, a slightly narrow heel, and a mid to high instep, with plenty of space in the toe section. It’s a medium fit that’s true to UK size (UKE). A sleek and elongated form that is often used to create our dressiest styles and, as a result, is usually finished with near channel leather outsoles.

  • Visual Impact

Beckett Simonon is a brand of shoes designed by Beckett Simonon. All about these shoes makes them stand out in terms of visual impact:

The toe form is classic and timeless. They’re pointed enough to look sophisticated while avoiding the clunky “round” look, but not so pointed that they look like anything from the (presumably terrible) live-action Aladdin adaptation.

It’s not a good idea to break them in.

I chose suede for my loafers because I believe the visual and textural nuances of suede make the shoe more ‘luxurious’ than their regular leather counterparts, which, due to a lack of patina, risk looking a little lackluster. Although suede does not have the formality of leather, and the penny loafer does not have the formality of oxfords, derbies, or monk belts, I have found my Meermin shoes inherently flexible suitable in both casual and more formal situations. It all comes down to what you pair them with.

  • Quality

The heels of these shoes look fantastic and should last a long time, but be warned: blisters will appear within the first few days. I knew I’d have to wear the Beckett a few times to break them in like I do for all leather dress shoes. High-quality leather is more durable than the lower-cost alternatives used in many cheaper (and, let’s face it, inferior) shoes. It is a positive thing in the long run because it makes high-quality shoes look better, making them last longer.

And when it came to Meermin, it came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some people have smaller feet and wanted longer, more pointed shapes, so that’s what we came up with. Regardless of the brand, these people value consistency above all else. I spent a few months there when I was 16, and I completely understand how these buyers think. They are looking for quality. The heels of these shoes look fantastic and should last a long time, but be warned: blisters will appear within the first few days. I knew I’d have to wear the Beckett a few times to break them in like I do for all leather dress shoes. High-quality leather is more durable than the lower-cost alternatives used in many cheaper (and, let’s face it, inferior) shoes.

  • Personal Comfort

They went from painful to downright friendly until the Beckett began to adjust to the unusual shape of my feet. They became so relaxed after a week that they felt almost like a second skin. (A leathery second skin kept together by shoelaces for some purpose, but still a second skin.) Then, unexpectedly, they felt like molded them to my feet. My shoe size was the only piece of information I gave the company, and it’s not unusual to find that a given company is a half size too big or too small than your normal fit when ordering online.

For Meermin shoes, they did well for several years, but in the late 1990s, when all of these casual trends appeared, sneakers—not the sneakers we know today, but comfort shoes became popular. Unfortunately, the firm was excessively large. They had tens of thousands of jobs on the island of Mallorca, which is crazy. As a result, it went bankrupt, and my family members created Carmine and Meermin. Unfortunately, they had opposing viewpoints on the market, and that was the end of it. Since the brand was purchased by someone else, you will now see Yanko again, but it has nothing to do with our family.

Pros & Cons Of Beckett Simonon & Meermin Shoes

This Beckett Simonon shoe review examines the brand’s pros and cons:


  • Since the goods are built to last, you can save money and waste.
  • Handcrafted in a responsible and ethical manner
  • Since shoes do not sell from inventory, they will never be out of stock.
  • They send pictures and videos to keep you updated during the production process.
  • Returns and transfers are free of charge anywhere in the United States.
  • Even if your order is in processing, you can cancel a full refund or swap within 60 days of purchase anywhere in the United States.


  • While the items are more costly than the average shoe, they are considerably less expensive than most high-end footwear retailers.
  • Since they only run online, you won’t try on shoes, and refunds will be more difficult.


Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of these Meermin shoes:


  • They don’t only sell shoes; they also have a wide range of accessories, such as handbags and belts, in several colors and designs.
  • They ship globally to meet the needs of consumers all over the world, using a “Made to Order” method to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
  • They hold trunk shows to enable employees and customers to connect directly with each other and with the items.


  • Their website’s main page is disorganized and visually unappealing.
  • There are no special offers, deals, or discounts available.
  • There is no FAQ page to save customers time if they have questions or concerns.
  • In addition, many of the items on their website are currently out of stock, which consumers are unaware of before choosing the item.
  • It can mix in men’s shoes with women’s shoes if they choose the women’s category.


Meermin Vs Beckett Simonon Boots Comparison Summary

Meermin Vs Beckett Simonon Boots Comparison Summary

The Beckett Simonon is a classic look that everyone adores. This elegant shoe is appropriate for both casual and formal occasions. Their appeal stems from their timeless beauty as well as the subtle leather sheen. When you wear these, everyone will be envious of you. Beckett Simonon has a variety of Chelsea Boot types to choose from, depending on your desired look:

  • The Boot’s slightly elongated shaft and tapered waist fit comfortably under most suit pants and slim-fit trousers, and there’s also a suede option.
  • The Easton Side-Zip boot has minimal detailing and a hidden zipper, with an almond-shaped toe for a modern look that pairs well with jeans, chinos, and suits.
  • The Boot line has a western flair and is built to last, with distinctive marking patterns that appear with wear. Suede is also an option in this collection.
  • Meermin boots:
  • Boots are designed for walking, and if you’re going to be doing a lot of it, you’ll want comfort and a reliable build. Meermin Boots are available in various colors and fabrics for men and women to wear with fall outfits.
  • Meermin boots are made of Italian suede and French leather in a variety of types, including these.
  • The Boots have a narrow opening that keeps your feet safe inside. They don’t have any extra material that will obstruct your walking comfort. The bottoms have a padded rubber sole that provides stability as you go about your day, so you won’t have to worry about slipping and falling.
  • Dark colors such as black, blue, brown suede, dark brown, and tan suede are available in Meermin Boots. These sleek and durable boots are priced between $200 and $230.


You will not be surprised to hear that the inference is straightforward:

The Beckett Simonon and Meermin dress shoes are of excellent quality. I recommend the Meermin over the Beckett if you’re looking for a decent everyday pair of dress shoes that you can wear with jeans. However, if you want a more dressed-up pair to wear with suits or in casual business environments, I suggest picking up a pair of Beckett, which look and sound like they should cost twice as much, giving you great value for your money.



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