Does Seersucker Shrink?

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2021)

Seersucker fabric dates back to the 17th century. The name is derived from the Persian phrase shir-o-shakhar, which translates as “milk and sugar,” referring to the alternating textures. The cloth is woven on a loom with threads of varying tensions from cotton, linen, or silk (or combinations thereof).

Seersucker is typically patterned with smooth and puckered pinstripes, though the puckering pattern can also be checkered. This alternating puckering pattern, paired with the lightweight cotton fabric, lends seersucker its distinctive cooling quality.

Seersucker is a lightweight, puckered fabric available in various materials but is most frequently made of cotton. Due to the light cotton content, seersucker fabric is commonly used to create men’s summer suits. Seersucker fabric is easy to care for, making it excellent for summer and holiday attire for men and women. A distinct advantage of seersucker fabric is that it rarely requires ironing.

While there is a misperception that seersucker is delicate, it usually is rather resilient and relatively easy to care for. Perhaps the two most often asked questions in seersucker country are the following: Does seersucker require ironing? And does seersucker shrink when washed? The quick answer to both questions is “No” – as long as you take adequate care of it.

Seersucker is a lightweight, breathable fabric with plenty of natural elasticity. The puckers in the fabric keep the majority of the cloth away from your skin, generating micro air pockets that keep you cool. Seersucker, with its inherent wrinkle, is the ideal travel fabric.

Consult your garment’s label for specific washing recommendations, but as a general guideline, seersucker should be machine-washed in cold water and hung to dry, or machine-dried on medium heat — that’s all! There is no need for an iron or steam!

A couple of critical points here –

  • Because seersucker is made of cotton, it will shrink slightly after the first wash.
  • Avoid using bleach as it may cause the cloth to be yellow.
  • If your garment requires dry cleaning, it is most likely because the lining or shoulder pads might suffer if washed; follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Procedures For Cleaning It Without The Worry Of Shrinkage:

The Initial Step

Examine the clothes for stains. If required, pre-treat the fabric with a stain remover.

Step Two

In the washing machine, place the seersucker cloth. While bleach can be used on whites, it may yellow colored seersucker fabric.

Step Three

Set the temperature of the washer’s water to cold.

4th Step

Take the garment out of the washer and immediately set it in the dryer. The heat setting on your dryer should be set to medium. Drying the fabric in a higher setting may result in the garment shrinking. Additionally, you can hang the clothing to dry to avoid any shrinkage.

To avoid shrinkage, follow these Seersucker Fabric Care Instructions.


Seersucker fabric requires no ironing. The puckered cloth conceals the majority of creases, assuming any exist.


Check the label on your seersucker outfit. Seersucker fabric is not always made of cotton. If the fabric is not cotton, follow the care recommendations on the label.



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