How To Pick Shoes For Onewheel?

(Last Updated On: July 25, 2021)

Given that Onewheel has provided a platform for many new riders who have never skated before, it’s a logical question to ask: what are the finest shoes for Onewheel? The boots will serve as an interface between you and the board, allowing you to apply pressure to the front pad sensor, which will cause the board to move.

Sole Is Flat:

A significant component of riding the Onewheel and having a pleasant time on the board is getting sound sensor activation. It’s best to wear a shoe with a flat sole for this. A flat sole distributes pressure evenly throughout the entire front foot pad, resulting in sound activation. Any shoe with a high heel or a space between the heel and toes may cause uneven pressure distribution, perhaps leading to the board mistaking your foot for being off the sensor.

Sole Width:

It’s not just about the activation; it’s also about the board’s feel. The shoe you wear has a significant impact on establishing the connection that will allow you to become one with your board. The skateboard business has been focusing on refining the feeling of the board for decades.

Skate shoes are distinguished by their wide soles, particularly at the heel and toes. The wide sole helps to stabilize your foot and keep you locked in, as riders call it.

If you’re looking for more basic shoes, search for ones with a wide sole that doesn’t taper out at the heel. This is a prevalent issue with more casual footwear. The toe area is less crucial because your toes provide additional leverage when rotating that your heel cannot.

A High, A Medium, Or A Low Top:

When it comes to shoes, the third item you should consider is whether you want a high, mid, or low top. This refers to how high the shoes rise above your ankles.

If you want the best ankle protection and support, go high profile; if you want adequate protection and some flexibility, go mid; and if you want a broad range of movement, go low. High tops are ideal for beginners because they provide additional ankle support, reduce wheel wobble, and provide extra leverage for a speedier response from your board.

When going without a fender, another advantage of wearing a high top is the increased protection. You’re standing in front of a rubber-wheeled go-cart. If you fall or slip and strike your head on the steering wheel, you’ll get a terrible wheel burn.

Last But Not Least

If you shop around, you can typically find some fantastic prices on skateboard shoes. You can often find significantly discounted prices at your local chain sports store or on Amazon. Shoes, like most things, are a matter of personal taste, both in terms of design and fit. I propose going to your local store and seeing what you like.



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